Frequently Asked Questions

Mud about you is a 2.5-5km outdoor obstacle course for EVERYONE!  But don’t worry, we only do the mud in the summer and per request for private functions.  So you can do a “dry” run ♥ Obstacles are just next to the trail so the trail is also ideal for hikers and mountain bikers.  Or arrange to bring all your friends and family, bring the kids bicycles and just come and enjoy a fun day out in the beautiful bushveld setting with impala, duiker, and  king fisher birds, just to mention a few.  Own food and refreshments are allowed to make it affordable for everyone!  Catering can be arranged per request.


More outdoor

Crawl zig zag  through the openings in the doors


The floor is lava

Balance on the beams (Muddy in the summer)


Creepy Crawley

Leopard crawl through the hole under the net (Filled with mud in the summer)



Clime over the wall with tyres


Overs and unders

Slip under the low beams and climb over the high beams


Tyre flip

Flip the tyres around the wooden pole and back


Walking the line

Double set of ropes between trees – climb and balance from one end to the other


Karee park

Ideal shady spot for a picnic or a bit of a rest


Monkey business

2 U frames with bars in-between


Treading Tyres

Tyres on the floor that has to be stepped in to get to the next obstacle


The Maze

Maze with concrete slabs, net to crawl under, areas to climb over and under 



Zink house with ropes that has to be climbed through


Hang on there

Tight rope that has to be climbed with hands and feet


Tarzan and Jane

Swinging on a rope from one platform to another


Pulling your weight

Harnesses attached to tyres


Cross over

Balancing beam over hole with view of the dam,  (filled with mud in the summer)


Frustration killer

Hit the tyre on top of the island with the hammer


Slide away

Slide down the island on a bob slay


For the brave

6 meter pole with rope to climb up



Pull yourself up on the frame


I did it!

Ring the bell

Of course!  This is the ideal setting for hiking, birthday parties, bachelors parties, bachelorette parties, team building and so much more!  

Yes, just send an email to with your planned date and extra requirements and we will get back to you.  Minimum of 10 participants required.  

Not at all.  The course is designed in such a way that participants have a bit of a warm up to start with.  You can take your time, no rush – just enjoy it!  Time spent with friends, family and colleagues are the most important ingredients for this adventure!  It’s about building memories – not muscles or stamina!  Although we offer the ideal training spot for OCR athletes.  Please contact us at if you would like to negotiate a seasonal rate.

Nope, you can just walk / run past the obstacles!  But you can always try and try again.  Who knows, you might just surprise yourself.  

For your entertainment and fun, we have designed a variety of obstacles to keep you challenged! You can expect to

  • Wade, crawl or paddle through water and mud
  • Climb ropes, nets and tyre towers
  • Traverse across balance obstacles
  • Slide, glide, shimmy and roll down poles, small hills and embankments
  • Move over, through or under poles, climbing frames and barrels  
Events for OCR Athletes may have specific rules, time keeping and supervision which will be communicated prior to the event.  

No.  No time tracking or competition or limit to the amount of times you can do the course.  During summer September – February the facility closes at 18h00.  During winter March – August the facility closes at 17h00

Yes.  Children under 6 are allowed to participate free.  Children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult over 18 with a ticket to participate.  Payment of tickets indicates acceptance of terms and conditions and indemnity.

Where possible obstacles also makes provision for children, eg. at walking the line, there is a special rope for children.

Child care could be arranged upon special request at an additional cost.

Comfortable OLD clothing and shoes.  Keep in mind that flip-flops do not work very well to run and climb.  Ski-pants are also a particularly good idea (sand gets into everything!)

Although we have taken al reasonable care for your safey, please keep in mind that it is bushveld with thorn trees etc.  So tekkies and or hiking boots are always a good idea.


  • Your smile and some form of ID
  • Water (there is no water on the trail but water bottles can be filled up at the start and the end
  • Picnic basket with foods and drink, chairs and a picnic blanket.  Gazebos  and umbrellas are allowed.
  • A change of clothes,
  • A hat
  • A towel to dry yourself off,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Black bags for your dirty clothes and shoes (trust us, the mud / sand gets everywhere!)
  • First aid kit
  • Phone to contact emergency services if needed.  Please keep in mind as per indemnity, use of the facilities are at own risk.

15 minutes before your scheduled time should be enough time to park your car, get a lay of the land and get started with the fun ♥  September – February the facility close at 18h00.  March – August the facility closes at 17h00 

The run can take anything from an hour to three hours to complete, it totally depends on you and how fast or slow you want to run/walk/crawl/ship/hop through the course.  The average time is two hours of  enjoyment!  But you are always welcome to find a place in the veld for a nice picnic and to enjoy the day with us.

During events we average between 20-30 adventurers starting every 20 minutes, depending on the size of the event.   For private functions we allow bookings as per covid regulations.

The fun will go on!  Just more, muddier awesomeness.  Unless we have specifically contact you to say otherwise, please assume that race is on!  If it is a private function such as corporate team building or a children’s party, give us a call and let’s see what we can do.  Our first priority is customer service!

It would be best to bring bags that can be properly zipped shut and to leave valuables at home or in you car.  There is limited parking space within the venue or just opposite the venue.  

If you’re having trouble registering, please contact us at and let us know what problems you are encountering. Our staff will be happy to help you out!

Your confirmation email is your ticket. We do not require you to bring any paperwork with you (let’s save those trees!) your name and surname, along with your ID, at registration will be enough.

Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy, but we do allow you to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member or to sell it privately.  If you have a medical certificate for the day of the event, and you can’t get a friend to buy your ticket you can send an email to and we will arrange your  refund minus the 20% admin fee.  If the event should be cancelled for any reason your ticket will automatically be transferred to the next event.  If the date of the next event does not suit you, you can contact us to look at an alternative date that will suit you.

30 people allowed to go on the obstacle course every 20 minutes to ensure your enjoyment and avoid overcrowding.

Please send an email to with the following info:

Full names of all registrants who require time change

Team name (if applicable)

Preferred new time slots (Please send a minimum of two options)

Once your time has been adjusted, you will receive a new confirmation email from us.

If it happens that all the other time slots are filled up, we might not be able to move your timeslot.

If you are lucky enough to have a group of friends that is willing to assist you safely, we will most certainly accommodate you.  Please just keep in mind that the terrain is uneven and you might not be able to participate in all the obstacles with certain disabilities.  Feel free to contact us with your specific needs to make sure we can accommodate you.

Yes, if you purchased a ticket.  Please remember to bring extra towels and black bags with you to store your dirty clothes and shoes.

To keep the prices affordable for everyone, we will not be renting extra change rooms at this stage. There is limited space available in the bathrooms so it may be best to already come in your outfit.

All entrants must please pay the fee to enter the facilities

Yes, please feel free to post it to your facebook page or to google places.  You might just win a price!  Just remember to ensure you have permission from all the beasts and beauties in your photograph before you share anything online.

Yes, you may, and you will even get pay!  (if selected)

Please complete our volunteer form if you meet the following criteria:

  • 16 years and older
  • Great attitude
  • Fluent in Afrikaans and English
  • Own transport to and from the venue
  • Ability to work long hours (full day shift is usually between 6-9 hours)
  • Flexible (you will be stationed as needed. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed with friends)

Volnteers are stationed at various points around our course or in our market to assist our mud buddies ♥

Yes, just send an email to with your business details and proposed marketing. Or complete our Sponsor Form.

Yes, please complete the online form for vendors and we will get back to you with the planned dates of next events.

I undertake to participate entirely at my own risk. I agree that I shall have no claims whatsoever against the organizing body, any individuals, organiser or official, marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsors, any local authority or land owners, in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever I may suffer arising from any injury to my person or loss or damage to property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, my participation in this event, including my arrival and departure there from and attendance of any ceremony and function thereof, however such loss or damage may arise and regardless of whether or not same shall have been caused directly or indirectly by negligence, of one or more or all of the aforementioned parties. In the event of my approval of this form as a guardian of a minor, I hereby consent to such minor being bound by the foregoing and further I indemnify the aforementioned parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his rights as stipulated within. I agree to participate subject to rules including any drug tests and penalties provided for therein. I have read the above indemnity and the rules and understand them and shall abide by them. No refunds will be facilitated for entrants that have paid and cannot attend the event anymore. Substitutions are encouraged in this regard. TAKE NOTE: USING AN ILLEGITIMATE ID NUMBER WILL RESULT IN YOU LOSING YOUR ENTRY AND FORFEITING YOUR PAYMENT.

Our obstacle course and rolling start times are designed to allow for social distancing and adherence to Covid regulations.  Your safety is our priority.    Should it happen that an event can not continue due to updated regulations, attendees will be given the option to choose an alternative date or a 80 % refund.

Loud music, fires and littering

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